Volunteer Position Descriptions

Positions needed for each bout competition:

Bout Manager

Will coordinate with the house manager, emcee, scorekeeper and timekeeper; responsible for recruiting judges for each competition; responsible for ensuring each competition is handled fairly for all participants; responsible for listening to any complaints from team/indies about the competition and (if necessary) taking action to rectify the situation which caused the complaint; responsible for taking any complaint that could not be resolved to the protest committee for resolution; responsible for collecting all official score sheets and time sheets at the end of each competition.


House Manager

Will coordinate with the bout manager, the sound/lighting tech and the merchandise/PSi table; responsible for communicating with the venue about problems or needs that arise during the show.



Responsible for keeping the show lively and interesting for the audience; responsible for keeping the show moving smoothly; must not show any preferential treatment to any team or indie before, during or after a poem is performed.



Must keep an accurate time record of each competing poet who goes on stage; must record all times and turn them in to the bout manager at the end of the competition; responsible for alerting the score keeper and the emcee (after all scores have been announced) if there is a time violation.



Must keep an accurate record of each poet’s score; must record all scores and turn them in to the bout manager at the end of the competition; responsible for calculating and recording any deduction for a time violation.


Merchandise table/ SoFried membership table

Responsible for sitting at the table and selling merchandise (books, CDs, videos, t-shirts, etc.) from teams/indies and collecting money; responsible for collecting Southern Fried membership forms and fees.


Door person

Anyone entering an event must show the door person his/her ID badge; the door person is responsible for selling event passes and collecting the money. Door person will also be the first official Southern Fried volunteer they see. Smile. 🙂


Sound/lighting tech

Responsible for making sure all microphones are plugged in and working properly before a show starts; responsible for making any sound or lighting adjustments needed during a show.


Data entry person

Will help compile and enter poets’ scores after each competition.

Positions needed for the entire festival:

Protest Committee (3 people)

Responsible for hearing all complaints from poets about the competition that could not be resolved by a bout manager; responsible for making a final decision on each complaint and making that decision known to the poets affected by the decision. There are rules governing who can and can not be on the protest committee.


Volunteer Coordinator

Responsible for informing volunteers about their duties; responsible for answering volunteer questions; responsible for coordinating volunteer schedules for each day and venue.


Ranking and Scoring Data Manager

Responsible for maintaining an accurate list of scores and rankings for each poet and team; responsible for posting scores and rankings within a reasonable number of hours after a bout has ended.


Tournament Coordinator

Will coordinate with bout managers, house managers and the data manager; responsible for resolving any issues or answering questions that may arise; should be on the protest committee (unless the coordinator has a conflicting interest.)


Event Historians

 Event Historians will wield video cameras, still image cameras, audio recording equipment and journalistic narrative to capture the spirit of the festival.