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Proposed Schedule of Events for the 2017 Slam Festival.

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Southern Fried Poetry Slam Festival Events:

Preliminary Bouts - These 'bouts' are individual slams where 4 registered teams/cities compete. Before each bout, a representative of each team meets with the bout manager to draw team order. The letters A, B, C, and D are written on folded paper and drawn by the representatives of each team.

*Turndown Cypher -  The Turndown Cypher is an after competition gathering where poets and local artists can mingle and perform for one another. Wednesday, June 7 @ 11:30 PM, Location TBD

*Workshops - Workshops will be facilitated by award winning authors and performance artists. Thursday, June 8 @ 10:15 AM and Friday, June 9 @ 10:15 AM, KMAC Museum

*Slam Masters Slam - The 'Slam Masters Slam' is a poetry slam consisting of various coaches from various teams. The Best of The Best! Thursday, June 8 @ 12:00 PM, Location TBD

Haiku Deathmatch - 5-7-5, The Haiku Deathmatch pits individual poets against one another in a haiku challenge. Three Flags, Majority Rules, How good is Your Haiku?

Hip Hop Open Mic - Hip Hop is often acknowledged for its poetic prowess. What better place to receive rhythm and poetry (RAP) than at a poetry festival?! The Hip Hop Open Mic showcases the many versatile MC that frequent this festival.

Nerd Poetry Slam - Are you a self-proclaimed nerd? Well come test your strength at the Nerd Slam. This slam is fashioned for the poindexter in us all.

Queer Poetry Slam - Come check out the poetic fluidity at our LGBTQ poetry slam. Providing a safe outlet and space for all aspects of our poetic community.

Erotic Open Mic - Adults reciting poetry for adults. Find a babysitter and come enjoy sensuality delivered by verse.

Indie Finals -  This slam is reserved for the individual highest scores during the 3 day preliminary rounds. With no teams to support, come see how the poet does when the stage is all their own.

Team Finals - The top 4 teams from three days of competition will meet on the final stage. Who will be crowned Southern Fried Champs of 2017?